Does not join the Union?

Recently, growing foreign tourists in Shin-imamiya district, becoming activated town has. In this attractive location to reach the fashionable spots such as hamachi or history, such as Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, and Shiga from around the world gathered backpackers!
With a little walk "abeno designation ' and include a love of anime figures, such as dying Japan bridge is walking distance.
Future tourists keeps increasing further in the Osaka. Osaka, a simple lodge Association Association approved in Osaka. We joined the Union are scheduled to open from a flophouse, and various awards.
Take a look at once please feel free to Union Office to contact us!

To join the Union, not enliven a hotel together? * When Union membership benefits * (1) renovation, such as the Japan policy Finance Corporation loan rates will be cheaper.
Union unverified rates are cheaper than after the enrollment system will be used.

(2) listed lodging has joined the Union Hotel in Osaka cheap accommodation site can include