Bargain too! Kansai city sticking around!

Fall seems to be becoming gay these days, the fall of appetite, fall of greed! So, introduce good fair has been held in the Kansai area. American retro gadgets, now no leather bag, local ingredients with pickles, only their one point what's hot! or you fall under the little visited it pretty good bargains at? (* ^-^ *) Temple Marche homemade city * monthly * hyakumanben's opened on the 15th!-store genre: gadgets, clothing, accessories, food, green,-opening: approx. 450 branches handmade Kyoto, Chion-in Temple precincts, from about 30 years ago, held on the 15th monthly city. From the veteran was chosen by lottery every month, about 450 stores to the young artists. The locals, of course, at City from across the country and is visited by many people. None are lined with hand-made, so every Committee.

Encounter with the handmade products of course communication and making fun of.

Not every month if you get along with it? -Address: Kyoto, Kyoto, sakyo-Ku, Tanaka Monzen-Machi 103 Chion-in