Reasonably priced accommodations in Osaka features

We have chosen these places based on their good locations and prices, so they are good for young people who enjoy traveling, businesspeople, as well as athletes and their supporters.
Recently there are many travelers and backpackers from overseas, so you can meet people from other countries when you check in.
Visitors can travel around not only in Osaka but also access Kyoto and Nara easily, so these places are convenient for long-term stays.

■ Accommodation fee

On this website, we have listed accommodations ranging from 800yen ~ 4000yen.
These prices are possible because the locations have focused on functions that independent travelers need and done away with frills such as lobbies, restaurants, and private bathrooms in the hotel rooms.

■ Access

All the locations are within a 7-minute walk from the nearest train or subway station. They are also within walking distance from Tsutenkaku and Shinsekai.
Abeno Harukas, the tallest building in Japan, and the Tennoji area are 15 minutes away on foot, so you won’t have any problems shopping or dining out.

■ Rooms

A standard room is about 10 square meters, and comes equipped with a TV and an air conditioner. That is more than enough space for an adult to stretch out and relax. The rooms also have locks for security and privacy.

■ Facilities

Cleaning and other services are provided by staff who live in the locations, so they offer an at-home feel. In addition to that, depending on the hotels there are other facilities such as a coin laundry, Internet connection, and a study room. You can find a hotel that suits your style.

The above information is for reference purposes only, and may vary depending on the location. Please confirm the specific details before you travel.